Railway Track Modular Fence

Enhancing Rail Network Security

Railways are associated with various risks, including accidents, trespassing, theft, and vandalism. Therefore, it is essential to have effective risk mitigation measures in place. One of the significant benefits of Weldmesh Fence is providing protection for the public. Trespassing on railway tracks is illegal and dangerous, as it can lead to accidents resulting in injury or even death. Mesh fencing can prevent unauthorised access to railway tracks, reducing the risk of accidents and protecting the public.

Modernizing Railway Safety

Another benefit of weldmesh fencing is providing security for the railway. Railway properties are vulnerable to vandalism, theft, and sabotage. Mesh fencing can act as a deterrent and prevent unauthorised access, reducing the risk of security breaches. This can prevent delays and cancellations of railway services, ensuring smooth operations. There have been several incidents in the past where railways have been targeted by criminals or vandals. 

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