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Empowering Safety Through Advanced Surveillance

Our Mission

To empower individuals, businesses, and communities with state-of-the-art CCTV surveillance solutions that transcend conventional boundaries. We strive to harness the power of technology, expertise, and collaboration to safeguard assets, protect lives, and instill peace of mind. At Eldorado, we are dedicated to setting industry standards, fostering trust, and creating a legacy of security excellence that resonates globally.

Running Projects

Sr. NoProjects
1Provision of Augmentation of existing CCTV Video Surveillance System at Ajmer Station of Ajmer Division, North Western Railway.
2Supply, installation, testing and commissioning of CCTV Cameras in DA Set Room & Panel Room and Remote Monitoring Device along with SIM Card in Power Cars with CAMC for three years.
3Provision of Integrated Emergency Response Management System (Video Surveillance System) at 04 Railway Stations viz. Anuppur, Shahdol, Umaria, & Ambikapur and Provision of Integrated Emergency Response Management System (Video Surveillance System) at 05 Railway Stations viz. Raigarh, Champa, Korba, Akaltara & Pendra-Road .
4Providing Welded Mesh Panels Fencing along the track in Howrah Division.
5Provision of CCTV at SWR Zonal HQ's and Divisional Office Hubballi.
6Provision of replacement and augmentation of existing CCTV Video Surveillance System at Jaipur station.
7Replacement and Augmentation of RDSO approved CCTV cameras at Jodhpur station.
8Provision of Integrated Emergency Response Management System (Video Surveillance System) 06 stations of Khurda Road Division in East Coastal Railway; BALUGAON, CHATRAPUR, PARADEEP, ICHCHAPURAM, SOMPETA and TALCHER.
9Augmentation of existing Integrated Security System (ISS) by enhancing the CCTV cameras along with High Resolution Face Recognition System at Gondia station in Nagpur Division of SECR.
10Provision of integrated Emergency Response Management System (video Surveillance System) at 49 nos of station over Sambalpuar Division in E. Co. Railway. Name of Stations: BXQ, LPG, RGL, SSN, SBPD, HKG, GBQ, ATS, BRPL, DJX, KHPL, LSX, DFR, SFC, BUDM, SFK, RNBT, MRBL, TRKR, LKNA, KRAR, KMK, BGBR, BMKJ, ARN, MSMD, BLSN, ANMD, KDLR, RPRD, NRLR, LJR, BWIP, AMB,DKLU, MNGD, BMCK, THV , SBPY , MANE, HATB, JUJA , CHAR, RAIR, BAMR, SRGP, HNPA, BONA, JRPD station.
11Provision of Integrated Emergency Response Management System (Video Surveillance System ) at Duvvada, Simhachalam, Bobbilli & Araku stations of Waltair Division in East Coast Railway.
12Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Video Surveillance System at 17 Stations in Chennai Central-Gudur Section of Chennai Division. (Reach-II)

Completed Projects

Sr. NoName of FormationSupply Order NumberLocation
1 AF Jallahali, Bangalore JAL/2356/1/D/Trg Dated 5th February 2016 Bangalore, Karnataka
2 AF Station Dinjan 511SU/C 502/5/P4 Dated 16th September 2016 Dinjan
3 AF BKT Lucknow 38WG/1831/5/1/P4 Dated 24th August 2016 Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh
4 AF BKT Lucknow bollards 38WG/1831/5/1/P4 Dated 18th August 2016 Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh
5 AF Bamrauli Allahabad 29W/C 126/4/AS Dated 26th September 2016 Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh
6 AF Chandinagar Loni GRTC/321/6/1/P4 Dated 28th September 2016 Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh
7 9 Guards 1837/SRE/PRI Dated 4th January 2018 Beas, Punjab
8 16 Armoured (I) Brigade-B 1804/1/G Dated 21st January 2016 Pathankot, Punjab
9 9 Corps Signal Regt PC-1766/Sigs/Proj/9C/SRE 15-16 Dated 31st January 2016 Yol Cantt, HP
10 664 Aviation Sqdn, Jhansi PC-14654/AA/G Dated 23rd February 2016 Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh
11 MIRC Ahmednagar 1501/01/SRE/CCTV/SD Dated 29th January 2016 Ahmednagar, MH
12 33 Field Ammunition Depot PC/380/PPP/SRE/204-2015/Wks Dated 25th January 2016 Rajpura, Punjab
13 9 CISU, Yol Cantt 9145/CISU/SRE/PROJ/15-16 Dated 5th February 2016 Yol Cantt, HP
14 19 FAD Jodhpur C/3900/SRE/03/ESG Dated 20th February 2016 Jodhpur, Rajasthan
15 26 Infantry Division PC-4806/5/SRE/2015-16/GSI/04 Dated 3rd December 2016 Jammu, J&K
16 26 Infantry Division PC-4806/5/SRE/2015-16/GSI Dated 3rd February 2016 Jammu, J&K
17 26 Infantry Division PC-4806/5/SRE/2015-16/GSI Dated 3rd February 2016 Jammu, J&K
18 29 Infantry DIV Pathankot PC-2654/SRE/GSI/29-ID Dated 28th February 2016 Pathankot, Punjab
19 401(I) Arty Brigade 101901/Eqpt/GS(WE) Dated 23rd March 2016 Basoli, Jammu
20 2 Corps, Ambala 12218/SRE/WC/GSI Dated 15th February 2016 Ambala, Haryana
21 284 Field Regt./ 14 Rapid (S) 300502/SRE/A Dated 15th March 2016 Dehradun
22 40 Arty DIV Ambala 114701/SRE/G Dated 3rd March 2016 Ambala, Haryana
23 611 EME Battalion 24501/EME/SRE/15-16 Dated 14th March 2016 Ahmedabad, GJ
24 Army AD College 3729/BB EI Hyd & FF Eqpt/17-18/GS(Plg) Dated 22nd December 2017 Gopalpur, Orissa
25 Bihar Regimental Centre A/Bill/SRE/ABB/2016-17 Dated 6th March 2017 Patna, Bihar
26 11 CSR PC-5244/Sigs/Proj/357/SRE Dated 23rd January 2016 Jalandhar, Punjab
27 11 CSR PC-5244/Sigs/Proj/378/116/16-17 Dated 29th November 2016 Jalandhar, Punjab
28 786 (I) AD BDE Gwalior 204301/SRE/GS (Int) Dated 14th February 2017 Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh
29 1 Guards Patiala 2287/SRE/G Dated 16th February 2017 Patiala, Punjab
30 14 Guards Nabha 219/SRE/G Dated 14th February 2018 Nabha, Punjab
31 1 ABW Guwahati 81204/SRE/1ABW/SG Dated 11th February 2017 Guwahati, Assam
32 1 Para Nahan 2069/SRE/Tyre Killer Dated 10th March 2017 Nahan, Himachal Pradesh
33 CAD Pulgaon Wardah PGD/SO-01/Gen/SRE/Adm Dated 28th February 2017 Pulgaon, Maharashtra
34 CAD Pulgaon Wardah PGD/SO-03/Gen/SRE/Adm Dated 28th February 2017 Pulgaon, Maharashtra
35 42 ADSR PC 0059/Sigs/SRE/2016-17 Dated 24th March 2017 Alwar, Rajasthan
36 104(I) Fd Wksp 60411/SRE/Q Dated 7th March 2016 HP
37 183 Fd Wksp 10601/SO/SRE/01 Dated 4th March 2016 Bhuj
38 606 EME Bn 50801/SRE/TC/SO/01/2016-17 Dated 4th January 2017 Bareilly
39 606 EME Bn 50801/SRE/TC/SO/02/2016-17 Dated 4th January 2017 Bareilly
40 71 Inf Div Missamari PC-1262/Access Missa/GS (Int)/SRE/16-17 Dated 24th January 2017 Misamari
41 Purva UP MP Sub Area 3108/G Dated 14th February 2017 Allahabad
42 Purva UP MP Sub Area 2001/SRE/GSI(i) Dated 13th January 2017 Allahabad
43 Manekshaw Centre 10334/SRE/Part Case/IT Dated 20th February 2016 Delhi
44 Jodhpur Subarea, 19 FAD C/3900/SRE/03/ESG Dated 20th February 2016 Jodhpur, Rajasthan
45 Jodhpur Subarea, 19 FAD 19FAD/2016-17/SRE/01/ESG Dated 28th Janaury 2017 Jodhpur, Rajasthan
46 Jodhpur Subarea, 19 FAD C/3900/SRE/02/ESG Dated 19th February 2016 Jodhpur, Rajasthan
47 GRC Kamptee Nagpur A39/SRE/A2 Dated 17th August 2016 Nagpur
48 26 Ammunition Company 21461/SRE/ESG/26AC Dated 8th February 2016 Jaisalmer, Rajasthan
49 17 Grenadiers Motorized 233/SRE/15-16/G Dated 3rd February 2016 Ahmedabad, Haryana
50 75 Armd Regt Jaisalmer 7720/SRE/G/SO Dated 1st February 2017 Jaisalmer, Rajasthan
51 103 AD Regiment Jodhpur 100301/SRE/769 (I) AD BDE/2016-17/GS (Int) Dated 20th January 2017 Jodhpur, Rajasthan
52 81 Fd Regt 300503/SRE/A Dated 5th February 2017 Nasirabad
53 85 Infantry Bde 2704/SRE/2016-2017/G Dated 6th January 2017 Gandhinagar
54 2 JAK LI 423/SRE/G Dated 13th January 2018 Gandhinagar
55 33 Div Hisar 10601/PC/EME (SRE) Dated 16th October 2017 Hisar, Haryana
56 33 Div Hisar 10601/PC/EME (SRE) Dated 4th March 2017 Hisar, Haryana
57 DRDO ITR Chandipur ITR/18AT0132/EOT/CMS-II Dated 3ed January 2018 Chandipur
58 669 Avn Sqn Jodhpur 01343/SRE/GS (Int)/Avn Dated 28th June 2017 Jodhpur, Rajasthan
59 30 Inf Bde 700/Gen/GS (int)/01 Dated 15th June 2017 Udaipur
60 3 Corps Dimapur 12716/SRE/GSI/2017/03 Dated 12/06/2017 Dimapur
61 OTA Chennai (CCTV) 2162/ACSFP/CCTV/2015-2016 Dated 23rd January 2016 Chennai, Tamilnadu
62 OTA Chennai (Boom) SRE/Boom Barrier/2015-2016 Dated 29th March 2016 Chennai, Tamilnadu
63 OTA Chennai (Control Room) SRE/Control Room/2016-2017 Dated 8th August 2017 Chennai, Tamilnadu
64 OTA Chennai (Turnstile) SRE/Turnstile Gates/2016-17 Dated 8th August 2017 Chennai, Tamilnadu
65 OTA Chennai (DFMD) SRE/DFMD/2016-2017 Dated 8th August 2017 Chennai, Tamilnadu
66 OTA Chennai (Access Control) SRE/Access Control/2015-2016 Dated 29th March 2016 Chennai, Tamilnadu
67 33 Div Hisar 14654/GSI (ADM)/33 2016-2017 Dated 1st February 2017 Hisar, Haryana
68 CMM Jabalpur 2132/PB/02/SRE/Rev/SO-02/Proc Dated 13th February 2016 Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh
69 CMP Centre Bangalore 458/SRE/D&M Dated 18th October 2016 Bangalore, Karnataka
70 CMP Centre Bangalore 458/SRE/D&M Dated 16th February 2017 Bangalore, Karnataka
71 CMP Centre Bangalore 601/P/TCP/MOLTI 8th February 2017 Bangalore, Karnataka
72 31 FAD 029/PND/SRE/01/Liby Dated 10th January 2018 Panagarh, West Bengal
73 85 Infantry Bde 2704/SRE/2016-17/G Dated 10th January 2017 Gandhinagar
74 2 Corps Ambala 12218/SRE/WC/GSI Dated 1st January 2018 Ambala, Haryana
75 CG Orissa Sub Area 4175/SRE/GS (Int) Dated 25th January 2018 Raipur, Chhattisgarh
76 MCEME Gates 23901/SRE/CTW/2017-18/02 Dated 7th February 2018 Secunderabad
77 25 Ammunition Company 1004/SRE/Capital/17-18/Grants Dated 1st February 2018 Barmer, Rajasthan
78 21 Mtn Division 1069/71/Boom Barrier/GSI/17-18 Dated 2nd February 2018 Rangia, Assam
79 ACCS Ahmednagar 6609/SRE/G Dated 9th February 2018 Ahmednagar
80 2 Mtn Division 24502/SRE/2017-2018 Dated 27th March 2018 Dinjan
81 6 Dogra 310/G (T) Dated 6th June 2018 Chandigarh
82 1 FOD C/2566/71SA/001/Large BS/SRE Dated 8th December 2018 Udhampur
83 5136 Coy ASC (Comp) 5136/SRE/18-19/ST-1 Dated 21st December 2018 Karcham, HP
84 CIJW 3001/24/SRE/GS (Trg)(i) Dated 28th September 2018 Silchar
85 1872 Rocket Regiment 374/SRE/G/2017-18 Dated 10th October 2018 Nasirabad, Rajasthan
86 MIRC Ahmadnagar 1501/1/SD Dated 13th November 2018 Ahmednagar, Maharashtra
87 MCEME 23901/SRE/CTW/2018-19/01 Dated 27th November 2018 Secunderabad, Telangana
88 19 Infantry Division 1400/50/SRE (EP)/ACS/2018-19/GSI Dated 15th February 2019 Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir
89 33 Div Hisar 10601/PC/EME (SRE) Dated 31st January 2019 Hisar, Haryana
90 NCSR 1672/Sigs/05B/SRE/PC/18-19 Dated 18th September 2018 Udhampur, Jammu & Kashmir
91 670 Army Avn Sqn 02008/Acct/SER/2018-19 Dated 29th December 2018 Pathankot, Punjab
92 25 Grenadiers 1402/SRE/G Dated 14th January 2019 Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh
93 13 Dogra SRE-I 294/SRE/G Dated 30th January 2019 Roorkee, Uttarakhand
94 13 Dogra SRE-II 294/SRE/G Dated 30th January 2019 Roorkee, Uttarakhand
95 9 Mahar 0235/SRE/G Dated 30th January 2019 Dehradun, UK
96 301 Army Avn Sqn 140102/SRE/SDE/301 AAS/GS (Int) Dated 12th February 2019 Halwani, Uttarakhand
97 17 Kumaon - ACS 103122/SRE/GSI PPP-904 Dated 14th March 2019 Dehradun, Uttarakhand
98 660 Army Avn Sqn 01342/SAB/GS/AA Dated 13th March 2019 Patiala, Punjab
99 Central Command, BN 606 EME 50801/SRE/TC/02/2018-2019/PPP_926 Dated 14th March 2019 Bareilly
100 33 Div Hisar- Solar Lights 10601/PC/EME (SRE) Dated 26 July 2019 Hisar, Haryana
101 340 (I) Mech Bde 8001/SRE/G Dated 5th April 2019 Barmer, Rajasthan
102 DSC Centre 3002/16/Gen/Q2 Dated 21st August 2019 Kanoor
103 Maratha LIRC 030/SRE/2019/A-1 Dated 24th August 2019 Belgam
104 MEGC Centre 423/SRE/EG3 Dated 20th August 2019 Bangalore, Karnataka
105 PRTC Bangalore 1149/2/SRE/CHQ Dated 21st August 2019 Bangalore, Karnataka

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