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International Border Modular Fence

The Single Layer fence was taken up in 2016 by MHA – the main concern was incorporation of International technological advancements in Steel and fencing design for better durability and higher deterrence. There was also a major concern in the Bhuj area of the Indo-Pakistan border where corrosion due to the extremely saline atmosphere was proving to be a major problem in fencing, due to which maintenance of the fence was proving to be extremely challenging. 

Railway Track Modular Fence

Railways are associated with various risks, including accidents, trespassing, theft, and vandalism. Therefore, it is essential to have effective risk mitigation measures in place. One of the significant benefits of Weldmesh Fence is providing protection for the public. Trespassing on railway tracks is illegal and dangerous, as it can lead to accidents resulting in injury or even death. Mesh fencing can prevent unauthorised access to railway tracks, reducing the risk of accidents and protecting the public.

Voltage Fencing

The electric fences used on horse and cattle farms or commercial establishments like Airport or Military bases which may operate anywhere from 2,000 volts to 10,000 volts, but at relatively low currents. Most operate on current-limited power supplies that plug into an outlet, though some are battery-powered and can be recharged using solar panels. An electric fence is a barrier that uses electric shocks to deter people and/or other animals from crossing a boundary. 

Surveillance Cameras

Surveillance is a system of video cameras, display devices and data networks that is used to detect and deter criminal activity. Video surveillance systems are used in public and private sectors, such as schools, homes or public spaces for crime prevention purposes.

PIDS Intrusion Detection

The PIDS System shall be mounted on the fence, on the wall and buried in the ground on the inside of the boundary wall. Single OFC shall be installed, starting from control room, and shall be installed on the fence, then installed on the inner side of the wall, and buried in ground also. The end of the OFC shall terminate back to the control room.   

Crash Rated Barriers

To restrict and control the movements on important establishments like Army garrison gates, Ammunition Depots Gates, Critical infrastructure like Airport etc. there is always need of crash barriers to control any suicidal type attacks. 

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