International Border
Modular Fence

Balancing Security and Sustainability

The Single Layer fence was taken up in 2016 by MHA – the main concern was incorporation of International technological advancements in Steel and fencing design for better durability and higher deterrence. There was also a major concern in the Bhuj area of the Indo-Pakistan border where corrosion due to the extremely saline atmosphere was proving to be a major problem in fencing, due to which maintenance of the fence was proving to be extremely challenging. 

A Modern Approach to Border Security

The single layer “Anti Cut” and “Anti Climb” modular fence was found to be most suitable to replace the old, barbed wire with angle fence. The Thermoplastic coating in the specification along with SS 304/SS 316 (depending on the corrosive atmosphere) can provide more than 20 years of almost maintenance free life to the fence.

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